Warhol Superstar: Candy Darling

Thursday, March 26, 10:31 AM written by About Face Theatre

Come claim your 15 minutes of fame on April 10th at Wonka Ball: WARHOL!  Don’t miss you chance to party like one of Warhol’s Superstars!

Wonka Ball: WARHOL is just 2 weeks away and we know you are busy thinking about what to wear already! In anticipation of this fabulously wild night, we’ll be sharing info here on our blog about some of Warhol’s most famous Superstars along with ideas for how to get your impersonation on with one of them at the party!


Warhol Superstar: Candy Darling


Candy Darling was an actress and one of the first trans women to integrate drag into pop culture. When she met Andy Warhol in 1967,  he immediately made her one of his “Superstars.” Candy starred in Warhol’s film “Flesh” and most famously in the Paul Morrissey/Warhol feminist spoof, “Women in Revolt,” where Candy shows her natural talent for satirical comedy. She was a muse for The Velvet Underground and the Rolling stones and was sought after by celebrities and socialites.  Her fame transcended into the mainstream and she ruled the NY downtown scene.

The glam queen of New York, Candy Darling’s style flouted the conventional ideas about fashion at the time. Candy Darling loved fun shapes, bright colors, and chic prints. Her amazing self possession is what made her style so magnetic and inspiring.

Come to Wonka Ball as…

Candy Darling in 4 easy steps!


1. Lipstick

Make sure your make up is spot on. Candy Darling used stylish glam coral lipstick that could make any New York cab stop.

Candy Darling 1

2. Round Sunglasses

All the genius lies behind the big sunglasses. You are too cool for school and you know it!


3. Boa

No better way to demand attention than with a bright boa. Make heads turn at Wonka Ball!

 Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 4.19.34 PM

 4. Jumper

Not your ordinary dull jumper, this piece is patterned with fantastic shapes for a faux multilayered look.