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Tuesday, March 10, 9:14 PM written by About Face Theatre

Warhol Superstars: Lou Reed

Come claim your 15 minutes of fame on April 10th at Wonka Ball: WARHOL! Early Bird tickets are available through March 13th ONLY. Don’t miss you chance to party like one of Warhol’s Superstars!

Wonka Ball: WARHOL is just 5 weeks away and we know you are busy thinking about what to wear already! In anticipation of this fabulously wild night, we’ll be sharing info here on our blog about some of Warhol’s most famous Superstars along with ideas for how to get your impersonation on with one of them at the party!


Warhol Superstar: Lou Reed


In 1965, Andy Warhol became The Velvet Underground’s manager after being swooned by their image and musical style. The band became part of Warhol’s entourage and stayed in Andy’s studio, “the Factory”, where they became part of Warhol’s multimedia roadshow, Exploding Plastic Inevitable. The band did not receive large media success but formed an important part of art-rock in New York.

Lou Reed had the laid-back rock and roll approach to style hipsters today spend hours trying to emulate. He made throwing a leather jacket over a t-shirt and aviators unpretentiously cool.

Come to Wonka Ball as…

Lou Reed in 4 easy steps!


1. Basic T-shirt

Old or new, black or white, its a plain t-shirt guys no need to over-think it, Lou certainly didn’t.



2. Leather Jacket

Nothing says “cool” like a black leather jacket. You can cut your cost by getting a faux from Forever 21 or get the vintage cheaps from your local Chicago Village Outlet.

3. Aviators

In collaboration with Illesteva, Lou Reed designed his own line of sunglasses. Check out his sweet aviators fit for a 1970’s New York heat wave.

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