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Tuesday, January 27, 10:20 PM written by About Face Theatre

Do you know a kid like Jake?

AKidLikeJake-2Previews for our first mainstage show of 2015, A KID LIKE JAKE kick off in just a little more than a week and we can’t wait to share this thought-provoking piece with all of you. JAKE shares the story of a couple going through the intense process of getting their son, who has a penchant for dressing up like Disney princesses, into a top kindergarten program. Not only does it take a close look a the kinds of pressures that get put on education even for very young children, but it asks questions about how we do right by our children, protecting them while embracing who they are or might want to become.

The more we talk about the subject matter of this show, the more instances we have where people respond saying something like, “Oh, I know a kid like Jake!” The sheer number of personal connections we have to parents and children navigating gender development combined with the number of stories we see on the news and online about transgender or gender-fluid kids points to a shift in the climate and conversation about gender and young children. It is our hope that this staging of A KID LIKE JAKE joins in on and expands this dialogue.

To that end, we will be holding weekly panel discussions on themes and issues brought up by the play. Make sure to check out the show page for A KID LIKE JAKE for details on subjects and participants for these intriguing panels. In the meantime, below is just a short list of links to recent news articles about young people and gender identity.

Do you have a story about a kid like Jake? Share it in the comments or send us an email at jenna@aboutfacetheatre.org. We’ll continue to share info and stories here on our blog.

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