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Thursday, March 5, 10:52 PM written by About Face Theatre

Warhol Superstars: Edie Sedgwick

Come claim your 15 minutes of fame on April 10th at Wonka Ball: WARHOL! Early Bird tickets are available through March 13th ONLY. Don’t miss you chance to party like one of Warhol’s Superstars!

Wonka Ball: WARHOL is just 5 weeks away and we know you are busy thinking about what to wear already! In anticipation of this fabulously wild night, we’ll be sharing info here on our blog about some of Warhol’s most famous Superstars along with ideas for how to get your impersonation on with one of them at the party!


Warhol Superstar: Edie Sedgwick

Andy Warhol Looks Adoringly at Edie Sedgwick

Edie Sedgwick moved to New York City in 1964 and shortly thereafter, met Andy Warhol at a dinner party. Warhol was immediately taken by her and after including her in small roles in a few of his films, was inspired to create the Poor Little Rich Girl saga of films to feature her. While Warhol’s films were not commercially successful and rarely seen outside The Factory circle and underground film theaters, Sedgwick’s notoriety grew. Mainstream media outlets began reporting on her appearances in Warhol’s films and her unusual fashion sense.

During her Factory days, Sedgwick developed her “trademark” look – black leotards, mini dresses, and large chandelier earrings. Sedgwick also cut her naturally brown hair short and colored it with silver spray, creating a similar look to the wigs Warhol wore.

Come to Wonka Ball as…

Edie Sedgwick in 4 easy steps!


1. Big Earrings!

Head to the thrift shop, rummage through your grandmother’s jewelry box or just break down and head to Urban Outfitters to get yourself some big chandelier earrings.

Screen shot 2015-03-05 at 4.01.12 PM

2. Chopped pixie cut wig

Unless you’re feeling REALLY committed to this costume, you’ll probably need a pixie cut wig…silver spray paint optional.


3. Mini shift dress

There are lots of places to find a great Edie-esque dress, but if you’re at Urban Outfitters already…


4. Smokey eyes

Grab that eyeliner and make it happen.

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