Play submission

About Face Theatre is currently accepting submissions of new full-length plays for our OUT FRONT Series, a year-round line-up of workshops and readings of new and developmental works by LGBTQA playwrights.

The AFT season is year-round and the upcoming year’s season is selected over the winter and spring through May and announced in the summer. Submissions may be made any time by sending an email to Your email should state your intention to submit your work and should include the following subject line:

Query Submission – TITLE OF YOUR PLAY, Your Name (e.g. MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, William Shakespeare)

In a single PDF document attached to your email, please include the following:

  • The title of your play, your name, and your contact information
  • One-page synopsis of your play including relevant information such as casting requirements, genre, plot, etc.
  • Production history, beginning with the year the play was written
  • List of upcoming productions
  • Short bio for yourself, and contact information for you and your agent (if applicable)
  • A ten page sample of the play that you think best represents the work as whole.  Should we be interested in your piece, we will contact you for the full text.

Please include your play title (without beginning articles such as a, an, or the) and your last name in the name of your PDF file (e.g. MidsummerNightsDreamSHAKESPEARE.pdf).

Additional information:

  • The best times to submit materials and/or submission inquiries are July through November in order to be considered for the following season. (i.e. July – November 2014 submissions will be considered for the 2015-2016 season).
  • In addition to the script or script sample, your submission should include a query letter, your contact information, brief synopsis, character breakdown, and any relevant production history.
  • Please do not call the Artistic Director, Andrew Volkoff.
  • Any further questions should also be directed to the Literary Office at