A Kid Like Jake

The Chicago Premiere of

Written by Daniel Pearle
Directed by Keira Fromm

Previews: FEBRUARY 6th thru FEBRUARY 8th
Regular Run: FEBRUARY 12th thru MARCH 15th

Thursdays thru Saturdays @ 7:30p
Saturday and Sunday Matinees @ 3:00p

Alex and Greg’s intelligent and precocious four year-old son Jake is a leading candidate for enrollment in one of Manhattan’s top kindergarten programs. But when attention turns to his passion for Cinderella and dress-up, Jake’s behavior becomes a lightning rod, calling into question assumptions about gender, class, education and acceptance through the lens of 21st century parenting.

PREVIEWS: Adults $20 | Students + Seniors $10
Adults $35 | Students + Seniors $20

The Greenhouse Theater Center
2257 N Lincoln Ave. in Chicago

For Tickets, use the button below or call The Greenhouse Theater Center
box office at (773)404-7336



Sunday Symposiums:
After the show, behind the themes.

As part of our mission to facilitate dialogue around LGBTQIA issues, we will be hosting a series of weekly post-show discussions around the topics of gender development in children, contemporary parenting and discovering identity for young people. Join us for these engaging conversations after Sunday matinees throughout the run of the show!


Discovering Identity

Sunday, February 15th

This discussion will explore contemporary social challenges around sexual and gender diversity and how the next generation is working to progress acceptance and awareness around sexuality, gender non-conformity, and language used to express gender through the arts, activism and community building. Participants include members of About Face Theatre’s Youth Task Force as well as artists/writers and professionals that support young LGBTQIA people and their voices.

Moderator: Bex Ehrmann, Youth Task Force Member


Bill Farrand, MA, LCPC, NCC
Director of Community Behavioral Health Services, Center on Halsted

Bea Cordelia
Queer and trans slam poet, blogger, activist, playwright, performer, scholar, researcher, and general gender warrior

Nikki R. Veit
AFT Youth Task Force member

Rolando ‘Rolo’ Rodriguez
AFT Youth Task Force member
Gender & Childhood Development

Sunday, February 22nd

The climate and conversation around gender is rapidly shifting and parents today face unique challenges when it comes to supporting gender identity development for their children. In this panel, experts in the field share insights and resources around raising gender non-conforming, gender questioning, transgender and gender fluid children.

Moderator: Kyla Norton, Youth Task Force Member


Dr. Scott Leibowitz
Head Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Gender and Sex Development Program, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

Allen Ratliff, LCSW
Director of Clinical Programs, Youth Service Project
Parenting LGBTQIA kids

Sunday, March 1st

With support from their families, teachers and peers, young people are choosing to express queer identity at younger ages, creating a more diverse family and student body culture than ever before. This panel discussion will explore how to support young members of the LGBTQIA community at home and at school to keep them safe, happy and equipped to express themselves in various environments.

Moderator: Benjamin Sprunger, AFT Development Director


Melissa Michaels
School Social Worker at Urban Prep Academies

Jennifer Leininger
Program Coordinator, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

Maria Pahl
Chicago House TransLife Center’s Legal Director and Staff Attorney
Contemporary Parenting

Sunday, March 8th

In the 21st century, families take on more shapes and look more diverse than ever before. In this panel we will discuss the challenges of co-parenting, gay parenting and in-general raising children in a progressive family environment.

Moderator: Amy Hutchinson, AFT Board Member


Dr. Jason Herr, Psy.D.

Sally Kenyon & Marija Plavsic
Parents in a co-parenting family

Josie Paul, LCSW
Director of the TransLife Center, co-parenting trans woman parent of two