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August 21st thru September 28th

Wednesdays thru Saturdays @ 7:30p
Sundays* @ 4:00p (*Sunday Sept. 28th @ 2:00p)

Join us Wednesdays during the run for a post-show conversation with Steven!

PREVIEWS: Adults $20 | Students + Seniors $10
Adults $35 | Students + Seniors $20

Theater Wit | 1229 W. Belmont Ave. in Chicago


About Face Theatre, in association with Justin Brill, is launching our season with Methtacular!, Steven Strafford’s hilarious and harrowing autobiographical account of his three years as a crystal meth addict in Chicago. Through comedy, songs, and plenty of honest storytelling, Strafford brings audiences on a journey through the chemical highs, devastating lows, and ultimately, redemption from his drug addled, sex crazed life.

The production team for Methtacular! Includes David L. Arsenault (scenic design), Aaron Rhyne (projections design), Sarah Hughey (Lighting Design) and Paul Perry (Sound Design).

What critics are saying:

“Strafford is one of those lucky, lucky actors to whom both charm and vulnerability come easily. Indeed, so obviously substantial is the talent on display in this one-man, original semi-musical, it plays very nicely into Strafford’s actual theme. As you hear of Strafford blow an audition, or get fired from a show, or embark on another pathetic relationship, you find yourself weighing that talent in your mind and thinking, “This guy, with these gifts, wasted all those years on crystal meth?” …an engaging, sincere tale from a very talented and tuneful guy about how life, however hopeless it may seem, can always get better.
– Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“What makes Strafford’s narrative so compelling is that it’s more than a laudable story of recovery; it’s a time capsule of a huge part of the gay experience. We hear about a time when homosexuality was pushed to the back pages of the Chicago Reader, when being your gay self was somehow a radical decision. For Strafford, that meant a time of pioneering highs and sacrificial lows. He learned, and survived the trip. For younger gay generations especially, it’s a story of a journey worth hearing.”
– Dan Jakes, TimeOut Chicago

“Methtacular!” is worth the trip down the rabbit hole. [Strafford] has a witty, engaging and often goofy presence and plays off his own flamboyant persona in framing the tale of his own misery. If anything, it’s “Requiem for a Dream 2: Electric Boogaloo. – Alex Huntsberger, Newcity Stage (Recommended)

Methacular! is not a Debbie Downer and the exclamation point is well deserved. Sharply shaped by Adam Fitzgerald and embellished with a telling video backdrop…it’s is a laugh-laden look at loss. A kind of whistling in the dark, it’s energized by peppy songs and showbiz moxie.” – Lawrence Bommer, Stage and Cinema


Title: Methtacular!
Written and performed by: Steven Strafford
Directed by: Adam Fitzgerald
Music supervision and arrangements: John McDaniel 
Original music and arrangements: William TN Hall
Original music: Wade Elkins