Join us this Sunday for a special post-show discussion about recovery

Wednesday, September 10, 8:51 PM written by About Face Theatre

After the Curtain Closes:
A look at the road to recovery

Date: September 14, 2014
Time: Immediately following the 4pm performance of “Methtacular!”
Location: Theater Wit | 1229 W Belmont Ave, Chicago

“Methtacular!” bravely shares Steven Strafford’s autobiographical story of the manic highs and devastating lows of the life of an individual addicted to drugs. The arc of the show focuses primarily on the years Strafford spent as an addict in Chicago, and leaves his story of recovery open to the imagination of the audience. We see the proof of his successful recovery in front of us in the form of this incredibly talent, gutsy performer, but we don’t really know how he got there.

With this panel discussion we intend to explore the recovery process from several perspectives including those who have gone through it to those that provide support in the Chicago area. Through this discussion we hope to address topics including: What triggers addictions? What factors specifically make the LGBTQ community particular susceptible to addiction? What is going through recovery like? What does recovery bring up and how do we deal with that? How can sharing stories like Steven’s (particularly in an artistic setting) effect this epidemic? If someone is struggling with addiction, what are some pathways for them to get help in Chicago?

Join us immediately after the show this Sunday, September 14th for this provocative discussion!