About AFT

About Face Theatre

Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

To create exceptional, innovative, and adventurous theatre and educational programming that advances the national dialogue on sexual and gender identity, and challenges and entertains audiences in Chicago and beyond.

About Face Youth Theatre (AFYT) seeks to increase the safety, empowerment and leadership capacity of LGBTQIA youth, and to catalyze youth-led civic dialogue and action within schools and communities. Through the creation and performance of ensemble-based plays in dynamic collaboration with accomplished adult artists, AFYT encourages and supports our youth to become powerful agents for change.

Vision Statement

To be a nationally recognized, intergenerational, and community-focused LGBTQIA arts organization by creating theatre that fosters awareness, understanding, and celebration of all forms of sexual and gender expression.

By portraying the diverse and nuanced lives of LGBTQIA people positively and realistically, we hope to educate and empower audiences and incite social change in the push toward equal rights for all.


  • Collaboration – We prize creativity, risk-taking, and teamwork as strengths, artistically and organizationally.
  • Excellence – We bring quality, high standards, and innovation to meet every challenge we encounter.
  • Activism – We serve as leaders of social change through theatre and community involvement.
  • Authenticity – We express ourselves honestly and truthfully in our art, dialogue, and lives.
  • Inclusion – We affirm and respect equally everyone’s diverse viewpoints and identities and we strive to represent the diversity of Chicago’s LGBTQIA
  • Fiscal responsibility – We effectively steward the resources of the organization.
  • Fun – We bring passion, enthusiasm, and joy to everything we do.


View our annual reports and education impact reports here.